GPR Training

The practice is a training practice,  Doctors who intend to pursue a career in general practice work with us under supervision for periods of 6 -12 months. All GP Registrars are qualified doctors with experience in other branches of medicine. They come to the practice to gain further experience of work in general practice. At times the GP Registrars will sit in with the trainer.

Student Teaching

We are a teaching practice with students from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne Medical School attending the practice for part of thier medical education.  At times there will be medical students here, being taught by the doctors and nurses. This is a vital part of their education and will help them become better doctors.

You will be told if there are students present with the person you are seeing. The students may just listen and watch; you may be asked to talk to the students for a while. With your consent, they may be asked to look at your medical notes. If you do not want students involved you can opt out of any or all of these. Teaching here in the practice is very valuable and your help is very much appreciated. However your decision, whether or not to help with the teaching, will not affect the care and attention you receive in any way.




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