Green Impact for Health Toolkit

Longrigg Medical Centre has recently signed up to a Green Impact for Health toolkit, designed to make the practice more environmentally friendly.

One of the reasons that we wish to make changes is due to health-related issues.

We are now more aware that peoples health (in the UK and Worldwide) is becoming increasingly effected by environmental issues such as global warming, severe weather events, air pollution and plastic pollution. As healthcare providers we feel it is very important that we look at how to improve our efforts to tackle this global problem.

What we have already done:

  • Switch to energy efficient LED light bulbs
  • Have 3 solar panels fitted to provide hot water
  • Increased recycling in the practice
  • Reduced paper use

Over the next months and years the practice will be making changes to reduce waste, improve recycling (look out for recycle your inhaler schemes in local chemists) and promote the use of social prescribing (non-pharmacological treatments).

Please feel free to give us some feedback on how we are doing.


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