Services and Clinics

List of Services and Clinics

Antenatal Clinic
All doctors provide maternity medical services. There is a service to provide both antenatal and postnatal care in the practice. On receiving a positive pregnancy test the receptionist will take the patient’s personal details and pass these onto the midwife. They will be contacted by the midwife who will make arrangements to see them at home for their first antenatal home booking appointment. There is also a weekly antenatal clinic run by our midwife. The practice does not undertake home deliveries. Postnatal care is carried out at the patient’s home by the midwife.

Well Baby Clinic
This clinic is held on a Monday afternoon between 1.30pm and 3.00pm, and is run by the Practice Nurse and GP, via a booked appointment system. It is for babies under five years. All immunisations and developmental checks are carried out, and advice is given to parents concerning the welfare of their babies. The clinic is for ‘well babies only’. If your child is poorly please book a doctors appointment.

Warfarin Clinic (anti-coagulant)
Patients who are on Warfarin can have their bloods monitored by a pharmacist on Thursdays between 2.30 pm and 4.30 pm.

Diabetic Clinic
Led by our practice nurse, this clinic offers advice and general health check-ups to patients diagnosed with diabetes.

IHD Annual Reviews
Led by our practice nurse, this review offers lifestyle and dietary advice, medication reviews and general health check-ups to patients diagnosed with Ischaemic Heart Disease.

Heart Failure Clinic
Patients who have a diagnosis of heart failure will be invited to attend an appointment with the Practice Nurse and GP.

Patients who have a diagnosis of COPD will be invited to attend an appointment with the Health Care Assistant  and Practice Nurse for an annual review, which will include a discussion around your personal action plan.

All asthma patients will be invited to attend an appointment with the Practice Nurse yearly for an annual asthma review, which will include a discussion around your personal action plan.

Smoking Cessation
We operate a smoking cessation clinic led by our nursing team. If you would like advice on how to stop smoking you can book an appointment with the receptionist. Leaflets are also available in the reception area on “Stopping smoking”. Several local pharmacists also offer a smoking cessation service.

Cervical Cytology
It is recommended that most women have routine cervical smears taken every three years until they reach the age of 65.  You will be notified by Primary Care Services (PCS) when your smear is due.  Please telephone and make an appointment, ensuring you inform the receptionist you require a smear appointment.  Routine smears are usually taken by the Practice Nurse or occasionally by a Doctor if necessary. As a double appointment is required it would be helpful if you could mention the reason for your visit when booking the appointment with the receptionist. This will allow the receptionist to book your smear at the right time of your cycle.

The PCS will inform you of the result of your smear.  This usually takes between four and eight weeks.  If you have any queries about your result, please telephone and speak to the Practice Nurse.

Minor Surgery
Dr Wise can perform certain minor surgical procedures and joint injections in the practice. Please see one of the doctors or practice nurses who will arrange this.

Sexual Health & Family Planning
All doctors and our practice nurses are trained in contraceptive care and we encourage the use of contraceptives to prevent unwanted pregnancies.  Emergency contraception is available and is more effective the earlier it is taken after unprotected intercourse.  Please contact the surgery as soon as possible for emergency contraception to book an urgent appointment.  It is appropriate to use the weekend service for this advice. We are able to offer free condoms, please collect these from our waiting areas. If you require another form of contraception such as the implant or coil, please make an appointment with a doctor to discuss this further and they will arrange for you to attend one of our monthly sexual health clinics.

We offer a postal screening service for chlamydia and gonorrhoea for patients under the age of 25 years, you can pick up a postal pack at reception or during your consultation with the doctor or nurse. For patients older than 25, please book an appointment with the doctor.

Physiotherapy Service
You can make an appointment to see the physiotherapist without seeing your doctor. To make an appointment you should contact Tyneside Integrated Musculoskeletal Services (TIMS).
They offer physiotherapy, specialist physiotherapy service able to arrange tests etc, orthopaedics and pain management services.
The can be contacted via their website

Evolve – Drug and Alcohol
Gateshead Evolve is a single, integrated drug and alcohol recovery service for all adults in Gateshead. To make an appointment you can contact them direct on 0191 5947821.

Please pick up our self-help leaflet for further information.

Gateshead Talking Therapies
Gateshead Talking Therapies can offer help with stress, low mood, anxiety, depression and other emotional problems. They offer a variety of individual and group therapies depending on what you need. You can self-refer be calling 0191 2832541 or email

Community Linking Project The Community Linking Project is a joint venture between East Gateshead Locality GP Surgeries and Edberts House. The project supports patients to access appropriate services, activities and networks that can improve patient’s health and increase their sense of wellbeing. Our Community Link Worker, Moira Underwood can act as an advocate for patients and accompany them to a range of local, non-medical sources of help.  We work closely with other services to offer the best support for our patients. The aim is to build confidence, reduce isolation, provide advocacy, support/ enable self-care, refer/ signpost/ accompany to other local services.

To get support or find out more information about the Community Linking Project contact Moira Underwood on 07903 859 537 or email

You can also follow the Community Linking Project on social media via or follow us on Twitter @CommLinkProject

Please take this opportunity to watch the video below to see how this service has helped our patients.

Video link to Community link project



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