How patients can help the local NHS at this time

We are all going to have do things differently! You can help the NHS by taking steps to be prepared to help us work with you…. if you need us.

Helping us work with you remotely

1. Give your practice your up-to-date mobile number. Your practice may have to manage things differently e.g. by phone or video to your smart phone or computer. If you have changed your number please let the practice know.

2. If you can please register for the NHS app if you don’t already have it (or other app such as Patient access or Systmone)
Either you or the practice staff might need to manage things while you are still at home. This can only work fully if you have fully registered for our online services. Download the app. If you use the NHS app you can complete the full process online and don’t need to go into the surgery to register. Doing more online will really help save the phone lines from being too busy for those who need them.

This will give you access to:
• Your records (so you can check for test results)
• Ordering medication and nominating a pharmacy to get your medication from
• Booking of appointment (for now these will be phone and video appointments if these are being offered).

3. Familiarise yourself with Online Consultations. Online Consultations are a way to request help from the practice without leaving the house. You access them through your practice’s website, at any time of day and without needing to register. You can submit requests for admin help (such as fit notes), receive advice from one of your GPs or may be directed to guides to help you manage the problem.

4. Prescriptions
What is the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS)?
The Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) is an NHS service. It gives you the chance to change how your GP sends your prescription to the place you choose to get your medicines or appliances from.

What does this mean for you?

If you collect your repeat prescriptions from your GP you will not have to visit your GP practice to pick up your paper prescription. Instead, your GP will send it electronically to the place you choose, saving you time. This also reduces the need for you, staff at your GP practices and staff at your community pharmacy to physically handle paper prescriptions.

How do I use EPS?

You need to choose a place for your GP practice to electronically send your prescription to. This is called nomination. You can choose:
– a pharmacy
– a dispensing appliance contractor (if you use one)
– your dispensing GP practice (if you are eligible)
You can inform your GP practice of which pharmacy you would like to nominate. You can also ask any pharmacy or dispensing appliance contractor that offers EPS to do this for you. You don’t need a computer to do this.

Can I change my nomination?

Yes you can. If you want to change or cancel your nomination speak to your GP practice. You can also speak with your community pharmacist or dispensing appliance contractor that. Tell them before your next prescription is due or your prescription may be sent to the wrong place

More information on EPS is available on the NHS website

5. Isolation note
If you are needing to self isolate and your employer requires a note of some sort this can be obtained online . There is no need to contact a Doctor.

6. Coronavirus Information
If you have any queries please check the website NHS 111 before ringing the practice or other parts of the NHS such as 111. Do not go to your practice if you might have Coronavirus.

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